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Windmill Blade in a tree behind the Fulton Mansion

According to local sources, It is reported that, as a result of a Hurricane that went through on September 14th, 1919, a structure presumed to be the windmill blade from Fulton’s property was found embedded in an oak tree situated behind the Fulton Mansion State Historic Site in Rockport, Texas.

To this day the blade remains but the story continues:

The problem with gathering and preserving historical relics and documents about Aransas County, Rockport, and Fulton Texas is that every 40 years or so a major hurricane sweeps through and destroys everything.

The photograph shows high tide covering Austin Street after the hurricane came ashore on September 14, 1919. View looking northwest with Aransas County Courthouse in the background (center). Railroad Wharf (left).

One thing that has remained is the old windmill blade located in an Oak tree behind the Fulton Mansion.

Back then storms were not named like they are today. Here is a full account of the Hurricane of 1919.

After Hurricane Harvey in 2017, the Story Continues...

Location of the Fulton Family's Windmill Blade

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Interesting Story about Fulton Windmill Blade Tree

Even though the windmill blade lodged in a towering Fulton Live Oak tree has faced several hurricanes, its future became uncertain a few months ago when insurance agents stated that it posed liability concerns for a residence on the land. Planted during a hurricane in 1919, the blade became encased by the growing tree and successfully endured the devastating Hurricane Harvey, causing the property's proprietor, Christopher Lawrence, to perform numerous restorations to his residence. After carrying out the repairs, Lawrence stated that he could not sell the house, so he and his wife chose to lease the property and relocate to San Antonio. However, while he was attempting to secure landlord insurance for the home, an inspector performing a pre-coverage assessment of the Lawrences' property identified the windmill blade as a prospective liability.

Community Efforts Lead to Preservation of Historic Fulton Site

Lawrence's insurance provider, Allstate, initially informed him that the blade had to be removed for him to continue receiving coverage. Though Lawrence claimed that he would remove it, the residents of Rockport would not be pleased. "It is a very renowned tourist attraction," Lawrence explained. "There's not a lot to do (in Rockport), but it is one of the highlights." And indeed, it is. Lawrence informed his neighbors about his insurance predicament, which sparked a public outcry on Facebook. After exchanging numerous emails with an agent for weeks, Allstate refused to budge.

However, The Victoria Advocate reached out to the company, and Allstate eventually reconsidered its decision. "We were not informed of the historical and emotional value of the Fulton windmill in the tree on their property," said Roberto DeLeon, a senior corporate relations manager at Allstate Insurance Co., in a statement to The Victoria Advocate. "Many thanks to the Rockport community for shedding light on the importance and history of the windmill - Allstate is delighted to provide home insurance to cover the Lawrences' property. and now we know another piece of history about the great city of Rockport!"


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