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Wendel Family Fireworks Show

Established in 1965, this family event is one of Rockport’s most iconic and has been a tradition for over fifty years. The Wendel Family Fireworks Show is a cherished tradition in Rockport, Texas, celebrated annually on the Fourth of July.

Wendel Family Fireworks Show
4th Of July Firework Display


The event was started by Jerry and Jan Wendel in 1965.


The fireworks show takes place in Rockport, and some of the best spots to view it are along Broadway/Fulton Beach Road, Highway 35 by Little Bay, Rockport Beach Park, and Rockport Marina and Sea Wall.


The fireworks begin at dark on the Fourth of July.

Community Involvement: It’s a community-funded event, with donations keeping the tradition alive.

Social Presence:

The event also has a presence on social media, where updates and information are shared with the public.

This event is not just a display of fireworks; it’s a symbol of community spirit and unity, bringing together residents and visitors to celebrate Independence Day festively and memorably. It’s a testament to the Wendel family’s legacy and the community’s commitment to preserving this annual celebration. If you’re in Rockport for the Fourth of July, it’s a highlight you won’t want to miss!

Since its inception over 50 years ago, it’s continually grown in both size and popularity due to volunteers’ tireless efforts in organizing such an incredible annual celebration – each new generation carrying out their parents’ legacy through hard work day after day!

If you’ve never experienced the magic firsthand during your time at our event those who have moved away come back time and again throughout their lives to experience other great fireworks displays each year.” People enjoy coming because of its greatness and areas spectacular views. The annual Rockport Art Festival takes place during that weekend and is one of Rockport’s great annual events.  “This area comes together during these times”. With good food available at all events, live music playing

Watch this tasty little video showing the action on 4th of July in Rockport!!

Check out The Wendell Family Fireworks website!

Here is another article about the 4th of July Celebration in Rockport Texas

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