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Estes RV Park

Estes RV Park

Estes RV Park

Location: 140 Estes Dr, Rockport, TX 78382 

Phone: (361) 386-2263 

Website: Estes RV Resort 

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.0 out of 5 stars)

Description: Estes RV Park is a beautiful, quiet RV retreat in Rockport, Texas. Here’s why it’s worth considering for your next coastal getaway:

  • Shady Oasis: Nestled under a canopy of mature trees, Estes RV Park offers plenty of shade—a precious commodity in the Texas sun. Relax in the cool breeze while sipping your morning coffee.

  • Spacious Concrete Sites: Say goodbye to uneven ground! The park features large concrete pads for parking your RV. No more sinking into soft soil or dealing with muddy tracks.

  • New On-Site Laundry Facility: Keep your clothes fresh and clean during your stay. The convenience of laundry facilities means less packing and more exploring.

  • Connectivity: Stay connected with free Wi-Fi and cable TV. Whether you’re catching up on emails or streaming your favorite shows, Estes RV Park has you covered.

  • Boat Parking: If you’re a boating enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the designated boat parking area. Launch your vessel and explore the nearby waters.

  • City Amenities: Enjoy the best of both worlds—seclusion in the park and easy access to Rockport’s attractions. From local restaurants to charming shops, there’s something for everyone.


  • Daily: $40.00

  • Weekly: $210.00

  • Monthly: $550.00

Whether you’re a seasoned RVer seeking tranquility or a family embarking on a coastal adventure, Estes RV Park welcomes you. Reserve your spot by calling (361) 386-2263 or visiting their website.

Remember, Estes RV Park isn’t just a place to park your RV—it’s a gateway to relaxation and exploration along the Texas coast! 🌿🚐

140 Estes Dr, Rockport, TX 78382, USA

(361) 386-2539

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