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Rockport Harbor Marina

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Fulton Harbor Marina

Rockport Harbor Marina

The Rockport Harbor Marina is located at 911 Navigation Circle in Rockport. It is considered an iconic local landmark in the Rockport, Texas area. When you travel to the Rockport, Texas waterfront, it can be seen filled with different kinds of boats and bait shops. It is located across from the Texas Maritime Museum and is within walking distance of historical downtown Rockport and Rockport Beach Park. Both live aboard boats, as well as storage docks can be found at The Rockport Harbor Marina.

Rockport Texas Harbor in 1958
Rockport Harbor in 1958

The Rockport Harbor is owned and managed by the Aransas County Navigation District. Here is the link if you would like information about housing a boat, or to inquire about a liveaboard docking facility. Their contact number and website are shown below.


Check out the Virtual Tour of the Rockport Harbor

In addition, If you would like to find out more about the Rockport Harbor below we will share some history about it.

Rockport Texas Harbor
Rockport Texas Harbor

History of the Rockport Harbor

In 1866, James Doughty and Richard H. Wood searched for a safe location to ship cattle. They built pens and a livestock-shipping wharf on a place known in those days as “Rocky Point”. Rocky Point was a prominent lime-stone protrusion that extended into Aransas Bay and was located near present-day Wharf Street.

Rockport Fulton Early Shipping

Rockport Fulton Early Shipping

The Steam Ships arrived in Rockport

Other Wharves and pens soon followed. With so many cattle now available, regularly scheduled Morgan Line shallow draft steamboats arrived with merchandise for distribution inland. They would come and soon after departing with cattle and Packery products.

The Aransas Railroad Company

The Aransas Railroad Company

The Aransas Railroad Company

The arrival of the railroad in 1888 ignited a boom in Rockport. The event inspired local businessmen to begin promoting and advertising a strategic harbor near the Gulf. They also pushed to deepen the harbor, as well as to create a deep water port. Even though they tried, their efforts ended when Corpus Christi opened its port in 1926.

The Shrimping Boom at the Rockport Harbor

Rockport Shrimping Boom

Rockport Shrimping Boom

In the early 1900s, abundant harvests of fish, oysters, and shrimp fueled a thriving seafood industry. By 1910 fish houses anchored the southwest side of Rockport harbor. Numerous fishing boats moored along the harbor wharves.

Rockport Marine Biology Laboratory

The Rockport Marine Laboratory begin in 1935 aboard the houseboat Vivian. In 1947, a prominent building was constructed on the southeast side of the harbor to house the Marine Lab and an aquarium.

Rockport Marine Laboratory

Aransas County Navigation District

Established in 1925, The Aransas County Navigation District begin a program to improve the harbor. By 1940, a new breakwater and a concrete piling and steel seawall created a small-craft safety basin which became Rockport’s famous “Fish Bowl” harbor.

Rockport Harbor Early Photo

Rockport Marina Early Photo

Rockport Harbor Early Photo

Harbor Early Photo

Rockport Harbor Historical Photo

Rockport Harbor Historical Photo

The Rockport Marina Today

Today Rockport Harbor is home to many shrimping boats, sailing boats, and cruising yachts. In addition, the harbor is home to a few local bait shops and a guided birdwatching tour operation. It’s within walking distance of downtown shopping, the Texas Maritime Museum, Aransas Bay education center, and Rockport Beach Park.

Rockport Harbor

Rockport Harbor Today

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Here are some helpful links for things around the area

Rockport Beach

Check out the Rockport Beach Live feed page to see what's going on down there.

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Arial View of the Rockport Texas Waterfront
Rockport Texas USA

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The Town of Fulton Texas at sunset
The Town of Fulton Texas

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