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Pelican Pier in Rockport, Texas

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Pelican Pier in Rockport Texas is a private pier along Fulton Beach Road that stretches out into Little Bay. It on the list of one of the best birding spots in Rockport Texas. For some reason the pier is a place where the pelicans that migrate to the area during the winter months love to hang out. It was named after its popularity with large flocks of brown and white pelicans who come here to rest and enjoy the beauty of Little Bay.

From majestic Brown and White Pelicans to regal Great Blue Herons or serene White Egrets, there's plenty of magnificent birds to spot plus an occasional dolphin sighting if you're lucky! With beautiful views of the bay, it is a great spot to just sit and enjoy the scenery.

Pelican Pier Rockport TX

Pelican Pier Rockport TX

During migration, you can spot them there resting or hunting for baitfish. Because of this, it’s also a perfect place for birdwatchers and an ideal location where you might be able to spot them there each year!

Here is where it is located on the map

Pelicans have been around for nearly thirty million years and are the most recognizable of all coastal birds.

American White Pelican

There are many differences between the American White Pelican and Brown Pelicans. Firstly, there is an obvious difference in color with white being more dominant than brown but this doesn’t stop them from standing out against their habitat much like snow does to a landscape. There are other smaller details that differ as well such as weight (16 lbs for white versus 15 lbs for brown) wingspan lengths of 108 inches or even six feet long at its longest point (for whites). That’s not all; one of the most noticeable things about these birds is what they eat! The ones who get it right on land enjoy eating fish while those living near water will snack on crabs and small crustaceans when possible instead.

The interesting thing about both types is seen here

Brown Pelican

The Pelican Pier at Connie Hagar Wildlife Sanctuary in Little Bay is one of the most popular birdwatching spots on Rockport’s scenic Texas Gulf Coast. Located off of Fulton Beach Road, the Pelican Pier offers a pristine view of this slice of Texas paradise and has proven to be a favorite spot for brown pelicans from all over. No matter which way the winds blow, they always find their way back there to rest and relax.

Connie Hagar

Connie Hagar observing a Pelican

Especially exciting to watch are Aransas County’s flocks of Brown pelicans. They can be found throughout our coastlines. With their population drastically decreasing, these birds almost disappeared from Texas because they were poisoned by DDT which caused them to lay thin-shelled eggs that would break during incubation. But now through conservation efforts like a ban on pesticides in 1972, this brown bird is making its comeback!

White Pelican Flocks in Rockport TX

White Pelican Flocks in Rockport TX

Brown Pelicans of Aransas County

Brown Pelicans of Aransas County

You will love Rockport’s Pelican Pier, which offers a spectacular view of the Gulf. We have other great landmarks for you to visit as well- be sure to check out our live camera feed from the beautiful Rockport Beach Park!

Rockport Fulton Drone Photography

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