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Estelle Stair Gallery

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Estelle Stair Gallery Downtown Rockport Texas
Estelle Stair Gallery Downtown Rockport Texas

The Estelle Stair Gallery is located in the heart of downtown Rockport, Texas just a short walk from the city's main shopping and Rockport Cultural Arts District. The gallery's showroom is a beautiful, light-filled space that showcases a wide variety of custom artwork. The showroom is open to the public, and visitors are welcome to browse and admire the gallery's creations at their leisure.

The building was originally built in 1866 and was originally two stories. History records show the building had to be rebuilt after a fire destroyed it in 1895. It is considered one of the oldest and most recognized structures along Austin Street in the downtown Rockport Texas area. it is located at 406 South Austin Street, Rockport Texas.

Here are the directions to the Gallery

Standing proudly in Rockport, Texas since the late 19th century is Brunner’s Mercantile building. Native Dane Simon Sorenson purchased the building in 1886 and it was rebuilt after a fire in 1895. For years, Brunner's served as an important location for Rockport's citizens to receive on-the-minute weather reports as Sorenson would telegraph updates to their shop and post them in their display windows. To this day, Rockport’s citizens remember with fondness those days when alert flags were raised around town according to Sorenson's assessments of impending storms and hurricanes such as Hurricane Celia which damaged the store in 1970. Till 1978, the Estelle Stair Gallery and Rockport Art Association moved into this historic building; under Stair's enthusiastic patronage, Rockport Art flourished as she nurtured the growing arts and culture scene. The load-bearing masonry building features a unique five-bay brickwork façade with arches, pilasters capped along a stepped parapet which adds even further historic charm to this downtown Rockport treasure. The Coastal Mercantile is now in the building. The store features the best that downtown Rockport has to offer.

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Here is their Phone Number and hours of operation:

Phone Number: +13614631059

Hours of operation:

  • Thursday 11 AM–4 PM

  • Friday 11 AM–4 PM

  • Saturday 11 AM–4 PM

  • Sunday Closed

  • Monday Closed

  • Tuesday Closed

  • Wednesday Closed

The building has a historical marker that reads:

Simon Sorenson, a native of Denmark, bought Brunner's Mercantile at this site in 1886. The building was originally two stories, rebuilt after an 1895 fire. The Sorensons received weather reports by telegraph, posted updates in the display windows, and raised warning flags as necessary. Hurricane Celia damaged the building and stock in 1970. In 1978 the Estelle Stair Gallery and the Rockport Art Association were housed here. Stair nurtured the growing art community. The load-bearing masonry building features a distinctive five-bay brick façade, with brick entry arches and pilasters capped along the stepped parapet. (2008)

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Arial View of the Rockport Texas Waterfront
Rockport Texas USA

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The Town of Fulton Texas at sunset
The Town of Fulton Texas

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