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Duck Blind Coffee

Coffee stand, Canoe & kayak rental service, Gift shop

Monday: 7AM-5PM | Tuesday: 7AM-5PM | Wednesday: 7AM-5PM | Thursday: 7AM-5PM | Friday: 7AM-5PM | Saturday: 7AM-5PM | Sunday: 7AM-5PM

Duck Blind Coffee

📍 Location: 214 N Fulton Beach Rd, Fulton, TX 78358 

☎️ Phone: (877) 892-4737

 🌐 Website: Duck Blind Coffee Co.

In the heart of Fulton Harbor, where the Gulf breeze whispers secrets to the waves, you’ll discover Duck Blind Coffee—a place that blends caffeine with coastal magic. Whether you’re an early riser embarking on a fishing adventure or a leisurely wanderer exploring Rockport, this coffee spot beckons you.

What Sets It Apart:

  • Hunters’ Brew: The folks at Duck Blind Coffee know their beans. They’ve spent countless hours tasting and refining blends until they found the perfect cup. Picture yourself sipping from a thermos during a duck hunt—the robust flavors enveloping you like a warm camouflage blanket.

  • Bold and Flavorful: Each cup here is well-rounded and abundant with flavor. Whether you choose the Cupped Wings Mellow Blend, the Eye Opener Bold Blend, or the High Brass Extra Bold Blend, you’re in for a treat. It’s the kind of coffee that fuels stories around campfires.

  • Fulton Harbor Vibes: As you sip your coffee, take in the view. The harbor hums with life—kayakers gliding, seagulls swooping, and boats bobbing. It’s a slice of Texas coastal bliss, and your mug becomes part of the scene.

  • Gift Shop Finds: Beyond coffee, explore their gift shop. Grab a soft t-shirt or a cozy sweatshirt adorned with quirky coastal designs. It’s the perfect souvenir to remember your salty adventures.

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Sunday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm (Extended hours on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays)

So, fellow traveler, whether you’re chasing sunrises, casting lines, or simply soaking up the Gulf Coast vibes, 

Duck Blind Coffee invites you to savor life’s simple pleasures—one cup at a time.

+1 361-463-5003

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