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Pop's Place

Bar & Grill, Bar, Lamar, sea, Hamburgers, American Food

Pop’s Place: Where Locals, Fishermen, and Birders Meet and Eat 🍔🌟

Pop’s Place is a friendly little hole-in-the-wall spot that knows how to cook up some delicious eats. From ice-cold beer to blackened gator, this place offers a unique dining experience. As you enjoy your meal, take a moment to admire the cool art made with bottle caps—it’s a feast for the eyes! The regulars here are peaceful and always happy to share cool local tips. So, whether you’re a millennial or just someone looking for good food and friendly vibes, don’t hesitate to walk through the door.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 202 Park Rd 13, Rockport, TX 78382

  • Phone: (361) 729-2862

Come on in, grab a seat, and let Pop’s Place treat you to a taste of local charm! 🍻🌴🍽️


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