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Key Allegro Yacht Club

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Key Allegro Yacht Club: A Culinary Voyage on Tranquil Waters

Welcome aboard the Key Allegro Yacht Club (KAYC), an enchanting culinary haven perched on the picturesque Key Allegro Island in Rockport, Texas. 

Our story dates back to 1961 when visionaries envisioned something extraordinary for this island paradise. In 1983, Carl and Pat Krueger, connoisseurs of travel and fine dining, brought their dream to life by establishing the Key Allegro Yacht Club—a legacy that endures.

Why Choose KAYC?

  • Authentic Coastal Cuisine: Our menu is a celebration of coastal flavors, meticulously crafted through extensive research and a passion for fine dining. From fresh seafood to innovative dishes, every bite carries you on a culinary voyage.

  • Mesmerizing Views: Positioned majestically over Aransas Bay, KAYC captures the mesmerizing beauty of the water. It’s where the soothing rhythm of the waves meets exquisite cuisine.

  • Upscale Décor: The club’s ambiance complements its waterfront location. Whether you’re dining indoors or on the patio, elegance surrounds you.

  • Happy Hour Bliss: Sip our craft cocktails, let time slow down, and bask in the magic of the bay.

Membership Options:

  1. Basic Membership: Perfect for families, offering the best waterfront view, craft cocktails, fine dining, and amazing happy hour specials.

  2. Corporate Membership: Ideal for businesses, combining business meetings with exceptional dining experiences.

Location and Contact Information:

  • Address: 1796 Bay Shore Dr, Rockport, TX 78382

  • Phone: (361) 729-4114

Join us at KAYC—an invitation to indulge, celebrate, and become part of the rich Key Allegro Island community. Bon appétit! 🌊🍽️🥂


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