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Estradas Mexican Steak House

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Estrada’s Mexican Steak House: A Culinary Journey in Rockport, Texas

🌮 About Estrada’s Mexican Steak House

  • Location:      Nestled in the heart of Rockport, Texas, Estrada’s Mexican      Steak House is a family-owned gem that seamlessly blends the vibrant      flavors of Mexico with the classic American steakhouse experience.

  • Roots:      The restaurant’s journey began at the beloved Del Campo Meat      Market, renowned for its quality meats and exceptional service.      Transitioning from a meat market to a full-service restaurant, Estrada’s      continues to uphold its commitment to freshness and excellence.

  • Grand      Opening: On April 24, Estrada’s opened its doors, marking      the start of a new chapter dedicated to serving hot, cooked-to-order meals      in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

🥩 Cuisine Highlights

  • Prime      Steaks: Estrada’s specializes in prime steaks,      meticulously cooked to perfection. Each steak undergoes sous-vide      preparation for tenderness and is then grilled over mesquite, infusing it with a delightful smoky flavor.

  • Mexican      Favorites: Beyond steaks, the menu features an array of Mexican      favorites. From Carne Guisada tacos to smoked      brisket burgers, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

🌟 Commitment to Quality

  • Quality      Ingredients: At Estrada’s, quality reigns supreme. Only prime      cuts of meat make it to the plate, ensuring every bite bursts      with flavor and tenderness.

  • Exceptional      Dining Experience: Whether guests are seeking a casual meal or      celebrating a special occasion, Estrada’s aims to provide an exceptional      dining experience.

📍 Visit Us

  • Location: Find them in the heart of Rockport, Texas.

  • Liquor      License: While our liquor license is currently under review, we hope      to offer a selection of beers and wines soon. In the meantime, guests are      welcome to bring their own beverages.

  • Hiring      Opportunities: Passionate about food and service? Visit us and fill      out an application—we’re still hiring!

🎉 Join the Celebration Estrada’s Mexican Steak House invites you to savor tradition, quality, and family. Whether you’re a local or a passing traveler, our table is set for you. Come experience the fusion of flavors that define Estrada’s!

Note: All details provided are subject to change as Estrada’s continues to evolve and delight its patrons. 🌮🥩🎉


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