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Donut Palace

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Donut Palace, located at 301 E Liberty St, Rockport, TX, is a cherished morning stop for locals and visitors alike. Our freshly baked donuts are the stuff of dreams.

  • 🍩 Custom Creations: Here’s the twist—you pick your icing and candy toppings! Whether you’re a fan of classic glazed or crave a sprinkle-covered delight, our donuts cater to every sweet tooth.

  • Coffee Pairings: Pair your donut with a steaming cup of coffee. The aroma of freshly brewed beans mingles with the sugary scent of donuts, creating a heavenly experience.

  • 🏡 Community Hub: Our cozy bakery invites you to linger. Whether you’re grabbing a box to-go or enjoying a leisurely breakfast, Donut Palace is where memories are made.

Visit their website: Donut Palace

Location: 301 E Liberty St, Rockport, TX 78382 

Phone: (361) 727-9930 

Hours: Open now: 04:30 AM - 2:00 PM


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