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Cheryls By the Bay

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Cheryl’s By the Bay: A Coastal Culinary Gem

🌊 Seaside Dining with a Twist: Nestled at 112 S Fulton Beach Rd, Fulton, TX, Cheryl’s By the Bay is where coastal charm meets culinary excellence. Our commitment to fresh, flavorful ingredients sets us apart.

🦞 Seafood Extravaganza: Dive into a seafood feast! From briny oysters to succulent shrimp, our Gulf-to-table offerings celebrate the bounty of the Texas coast. Pair your catch with a chilled glass of wine.

🍽️ Creative American Fare: Beyond seafood, our menu surprises and delights. Try the Rack of Lamb for a taste of elegance or explore our other inventive dishes.

🏡 Vibrant Atmosphere: The colorful decor and lively ambiance make every visit special. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or simply enjoying a memorable meal, Cheryl’s By the Bay invites you to savor life’s flavors.

Visit their website: Cheryl’s By the Bay

Location: 112 S Fulton Beach Rd, Fulton, TX 78381 

Phone: (361) 790-9626


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