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Foodways: The Culinary Traditions of Aransas County, Tx
  • Foodways: The Culinary Traditions of Aransas County, Tx

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     Foodways: Culinary Traditions of Aransas County chronicles the spirited and resourceful people of the Live Oak and Lamar Peninsulas as well as the Barrier Islands, who have lived off the Bounty of Nature for generations, beginning with the Karankawa Indians. This book captures the drama and color of the early entrepreneurs, who established cattle, turtle, fish, shrimp, oyster and other seafood industries in Aransas county. Truck farmers, shrimpers, dairy and farm workers, ship chandlers and grocery store personnel helped establish a vibrant culture around the abundant foodstuffs. Treasured cafes, diners, drive-ins, and restaurants are remembered through photographs, menus and ads.Award-winning cookbook authors and food historians have written sections to help define the cuisine of Aransas County and document important influences and milestones. Contributions from the Hispanic, Vietnamese and other cultures are also celebrated. The Friends of the History Center for Aransas County have gathered together family and community remembrances funded through the generosity of the Margaret Sue Rust Foundation. All proceeds will help fun the educational exhibits and programs of The History Center.  
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