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Wings Rescue Center

Bird Rescue

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324 W 3rd St, Rockport, TX 78382, USA

Wings Rescue Center

Description: Wings Rescue Center is a non-profit volunteer-run organization specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and abandoned birds. 

Located at 324 W Third St., Rockport, TX 78382, this center serves Aransas County and the surrounding region. 

Here’s why you should consider Wings Rescue Center:

  • Wild      Bird Expertise: The team at Wings Rescue Center has extensive      knowledge of local bird species. They understand the unique needs of      injured or orphaned birds and provide specialized care.

  • Emergency      Assistance: If you find an injured or abandoned bird in the      Rockport/Fulton/Aransas County area, call 361-205-0892. Wings      Rescue Center will respond promptly to assist.

  • Community      Education: Wings Rescue Center not only rescues birds but also      promotes conservation and avian welfare. They offer expertise and training      to raise awareness and compassion for our feathered friends.

Recommendation: If you encounter an injured bird or need assistance with a bird-related situation, reach out to Wings Rescue Center. Their dedicated volunteers are committed to the well-being of our avian neighbors. By supporting Wings Rescue Center, you contribute to the conservation of local bird populations.

Contact Information:

  • Phone:      361-205-0892

  • Location:      324 W Third St., Rockport, TX 78382

  • Website: Wings Rescue Center


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