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Sandy Oaks Kennel, Daycare and Spaw

Pet boarding service

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146 Lamar Dr, Rockport, TX 78382, USA

Sandy Oaks Kennel, Daycare and Spaw

Description: Sandy Oaks Kennel, Daycare and Spaw is a comprehensive pet resort that caters to both dogs and their owners. 

Located at 146 Lamar Dr, Rockport, TX 78382, this facility offers a range of services to ensure your furry friends have a delightful experience:

  • Boarding: When you need to be away, trust Sandy Oaks to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your pets. Their spacious kennels and attentive staff ensure your pets feel at home.

  • Daycare: For busy pet parents, Sandy Oaks offers daycare services. Your dog can socialize, play, and enjoy supervised activities while you’re at work or running errands.

  • Spaw Services: Pamper your pets with Sandy Oaks’ spaw treatments. From baths and grooming to nail trims, your furry companions will leave feeling refreshed and fabulous.

Recommendation: Why choose Sandy Oaks Kennel, Daycare and Spaw?

  • Playful Atmosphere: Sandy Oaks creates a fun and interactive environment for dogs. They can run, swim, and socialize with other furry pals.

  • Experienced Staff: The dedicated team at Sandy Oaks ensures your pets receive personalized attention and care.

  • Convenient Hours: With flexible hours, including weekend availability, Sandy Oaks accommodates your schedule.

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