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Clip N Dip grooming salon

Pet Grooming

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1001 Chaparral St, Fulton, TX 78358, USA

Clip N’ Dip Grooming Salon, a pet grooming business in the Fulton, Texas area.

Clip N’ Dip Grooming Salon

Description: Clip N’ Dip Grooming Salon is your hometown source for grooming, boarding, and daycare

Located at 1001 Chaparral St, Fulton, TX 78358, they offer personalized care for your furry companions. 

Here’s why you should consider Clip N’ Dip:

  • Individual Attention: At Clip N’ Dip, each dog is groomed one at a time. They understand the importance of treating your pet with respect and love.

  • Full-Service Dog Spa: Pamper your pup at their full-service dog spa. From baths to blow-drying, your furry friend will leave squeaky clean and feeling like a million bones.

  • Doggy Day Care: If you need a safe and supervised playroom for your dog, Clip N’ Dip offers daycare services. Let your dog socialize and play with like-minded furry friends.

  • Sleepovers: Going out of town? Clip N’ Dip is the perfect home away from home for your dog during sleepovers.

Why Choose Clip N’ Dip?:

  • Quality Grooming: With over 22 years of serving the Rockport, TX area, Clip N’ Dip ensures your pet leaves looking and feeling great.

  • Personalized Care: They genuinely love dogs and treat each one as if it were their own.

Contact Information:

  • Phone: (361) 729-0000

  • Location: 1001 Chaparral St, Fulton, TX 78358

  • Website: Clip N’ Dip


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